Swinging Pendulums

When you swing a pendulum one way, it will go a certain distance before stopping, reversing, and swinging an equal distance the other way. If energy is added on the return swing, it will actually go further on that swing, before once again reversing and swinging an equal distance the original direction. This will continue ad infinitum, until eventually the pendulum makes a complete revolution on its axis. Even then, if more energy is continually added, the swinging will continue to get faster and faster, and the revolutions will thus happen more and more frequently.

That is a basic concept of science. But why am I bringing up science on a political blog?

Because when you have only two political parties and/or only two competing ideologies in politics, you get an effect that is very much like a physical pendulum. One Party will achieve power and advance its agenda as far as it can, swinging the pendulum as far in its direction as possible. Eventually – and it could be a LONG wait for that eventually – the other Party will gain power and work to swing the pendulum as far in its own direction as possible, thus adding to the energy of the swing and advancing its agenda further than the original Party could advance theirs.

The problem is, BOTH of the two primary competing ideologies in this country seek to advance government control in our lives, whether it be in the master suite, the executive suite, or the operating suite. They seek to limit our freedoms to advance their own agendas. They fight each other, and We the People get screwed in the process.

So what can be done about this?
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