More Like A Driving Force

First, I gotta say thanks to Carlton Fletcher of the Herald. He gave the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia quite a bit of great press this morning, and me in particular.

At issue in this report was the Lee County Sign Ordinance. Apparently, barely a week after both Tim Nelson and I (the current Vice Chair and the Founding Chair of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia, respectively) officially requested at the last meeting of the Lee County Board of Commissioners that Lee County amend its Sign Ordinance, Lee County is working to do just that.

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King Cotton or 21st Century Growth?

Lee County Commissioner Dennis Roland is a farmer who apparently still thinks Cotton is King in these parts.

He says in this article from Sunday’s Albany Herald that “Farming always has and always will be the No. 1 industry, the No. 1 employer and the No. 1 tax producer in this county”.

I’ll admit, I’m a recent transplant to South Georgia. I first moved to the area in July 2006 and first moved to Lee County in September 2007. And it is only recently – within the last couple of months – that I’ve really started paying attention to Lee County politics. I even went to my first Lee County Board of Commissioners meeting two weeks ago, and I’ll be going back tonight. (6pm in the building to the left of the courthouse when looking at the courthouse from the railroad tracks, for those that don’t know).

But believe it or not, I DO have some experience with this kind of thinking. You see, growing up in Bartow County, there were many who felt that way about our small town. In my childhood, Bartow County was about the same size – both in area and population – as Lee County is right now, with similar demographics in terms of people and land use.
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Looking for Possible Sites for a New Lee County High School

What good is having your own ‘major’ political blog if you can’t kick-start a conversation or two about a local issue?

The issue in particular I want to look at today is the need for a second Lee County High School and a discussion of where it should go.

Reports of overcrowding at the current Lee County High have apparently been rampant for at least a few years now, and quite simply, the school has pretty much maxed out its available space. Every addition to the current building now is taking away from some other aspect of the school that needs that space for its own purposes. For example, the addition of extra parking at the front of the school has cut into the band’s practice field, rendering it ineffective for full-blown practices and/or limiting what the band can do in their halftime show as far as movement goes.

Indeed, these reports are still rampant, even with the freshman being placed on their own separate campus.
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Lee County Library: The Right Place, Part 2

Continuing our brief series regarding the Lee County Library, we now show the data available from the architects via the most recent Board of Commissioners meeting Agenda Packet. According to that document, there were 9 sites available, listed A-I, and I have used the map on page 77 of that document to put together this image:

potential Lee County Library/Meeting Center sites
potential Lee County Library/Meeting Center sites

Site A is 8 acres of land on the northern corner of the intersection of Hwy 82 and Hickory Grove Rd. The list cost is $280,000 – $35,000 per acre. Its owners have apparently offered to donate 2.5 acres of this, at a value of $87,500, for a net price to the County of $192,500. Additional costs are listed as an Accel/Decel Lane on Hwy 82, which means basically merging lanes into and out of the site.

Advantages of Site A are listed as Gravity sewer, water, offsite storm water, power, good visibility, future major intersection with traffic light, and access to Hwy 82. Disadvantages are listed as only right turns into or out of the site off Hwy 82, and no access to Oakland Parkway – meaning there would be exactly one entrance/exit here.
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Lee County Library: The Right Place, Part 1

Over the past few months, one of the big topics of discussion in Lee County has been the new Library. I’ve been poring over the available data on that over the past few days, and I gotta say, by and large, I agree with the Commissioners on this one.

Now, for those who have been with us since the beginning (and I don’t even think Tom has been around THAT long), y’all saw back in January where I tried to have a discussion on government and libraries in general. (Kind of hard to have a discussion when you’re getting MAYBE 5 views a day, as I was lucky to do those first couple of weeks. Just FYI there. :D)

With that noted, however, I’ve been looking at the online data as far as what the Commissioners were presented with and what I was able to find regarding population density and current library locations.
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