God and Government

Fair warning: This post is aimed squarely at judeo-christian theocrats. Those of other faiths, please continue reading as this should be enlightening, this statement is simply fair warning that this post quotes extensively from the Bible, particularly 1 Samuel 8.
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You’re Being Played

Over the last week and a half or so, much ado has been made about potential cuts to colleges (including cutting several degree programs at Albany State and other institutions) and the 4H program. Indeed, this is what motivated my first discussion on the budget last Friday.

Now, I keep hearing from legislators and some pundits that this isn’t the legislators’ fault – it is the Board of Regents’ and the Presidents of the colleges themselves. They claim it is a Constitutional issue, that the Georgia General Assembly can’t dictate to any school, or the Board of Regents as a whole, exactly how to spend its money.

Most people may see this as a cop-out, as the legislators trying to dodge a bullet.

But the legislators are correct.

Per Article VIII, Section IV, Paragraph 1(c) of the Constitution of the State of Georgia:

All appropriations made for the use of any or all institutions in the university system shall be paid to the board of regents in a lump sum, with the power and authority in said board to allocate and distribute the same among the institutions under its control in such way and manner and in such amounts as will further an efficient and economical administration of the university system.

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Libertarian AND Christian

Yes, Bill, I saw your post. You didn’t bother to link here, so I’m not going to bother to link to your upstart either. I also maintain my commitment to not work with you so long as you harbor the known liar Mike Sabot. With that said, your post does deserve a response, and here it is:

Free Will.

It is God’s greatest gift to mankind – the very gift that necessitated the Mosaic Law (which was always meant to be temporary) and the Cross (the permanent Sacrifice).

The Big Government Party, with its proxies the Tea Party and the Coffee Party, wants to infringe upon that penultimate gift from God to humans. I hold that in doing so, you try to put yourselves above God Almighty.

As a Christian, I believe that NO ONE is higher than God and that each and every man, woman, and child who ever lived, lives, or will live, must choose each day whether they will serve God or sin. It is NOT my place to tell them how they should live, though I am certainly free to act as an individual and peaceably let my feelings be known.
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Free Speech, the Super Bowl, and Abortion

By now, we’ve all heard about the upcoming Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad that is to be played during the Super Bowl featuring Tim Tebow. Apparently, some “pro-choice” groups are mad about it.

As both Tom and I have said on this site many times, an assault on one freedom is an assault on them all. You cannot respect the right to privacy without also respecting the right to free speech – and, let’s be honest here, freedom of religion as well.
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RE: McElhannon Letter about Speaker Richardson

An open letter from Joel McElhannon regarding Speaker Richardson’s announcement was put up on PeachPundit, and there is a piece of it I wanted to discuss here:

The vast majority of arm chair activists, pundits, editorialists, and bloggers should do themselves a favor and just shut up.

You have never had the courage or ability to hold public office, so you have no concept of the pressures those with that courage and ability must endure. After dealing with legitimate constituent problems, crazy calls at all hours about dogs barking and obnoxious neighbors, election challenges, political forces pushing them in every direction, and the pressure all of this puts on their family, to have to endure your ridiculous rants and stunningly uninformed cheap shots is a special kind of hell. Spare us your hyperventilating.

Maybe I’m one of the exceptions when he says the “vast majority”. I certainly hope so. Because unlike a great deal of my counterparts both in blogging and within the Libertarian Party, I’ve done something over the last few months that I think qualifies me for an intelligent discussion on this. I actually ran for political office. Yes, I lost. I’ll even admit that I lost pretty handily. But my name WAS on a ballot, and that DOES separate me from the “vast majority of arm chair activists, pundits, editorialists, and bloggers”.
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A Tale of Two Hurricanes

Four years ago, “Katrina” had never been used as a hurricane name. Hard to believe, aint it?

I was watching a Weather Channel story on Katrina last night, where they had NBC’s Brian Williams talking about his experiences covering it and showing footage taken at the time.

Before I go any further, I want to say that those were truly some horrific situations many, particularly in New Orleans but not exclusive to that area, found themselves in. As my wife said when we were watching the show, there is truly no way you can see those images, even now, and not be moved by them.

But I found something particularly disturbing about the footage that was shown, something I didn’t pick up on at the time as we were first seeing all these images come out.
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Unified Age of Adulthood

Right now in these United States, our governments – national and state – treat certain “adults” as if they are not truly adults.

Let’s outline it, shall we?

At some age, usually anywhere between 16 and 18 depending on the State and circumstances, per this chart on 4Parents.gov, a person can legally consent to have sex.

At 18 years old, a person largely becomes a legal adult. In some areas, they have been legally able to consent to sex for two years. In other areas, they become legally able to consent to sex at the same time they become legally able to enter into any contract, join the military, or smoke tobacco.
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Taxes and Spending

The topic has come up several times in the past month or so about taxes and/or spending and what I would do about them, so let me lay out my path here:

This problem is two fold: the taxation system isn’t fair, and because of inordinate amounts of spending, the State needs a great deal of revenue somehow.
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When Political Ideology Strikes Home

When political ideology strikes home, a man truly faces gut check time, particularly if that man’s politics is at least slightly in the public sphere, as mine are through this blog and my actions with the Libertarian Party, among other things.

As a Libertarian, I oppose any government mandates on what kinds of coverage insurance companies must offer.
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Something We Need to Remember

Non-interventionism applies to EVERY internal affair of another nation, even internal conflicts where we feel one side is fighting for their basic human freedoms.

I’ve seen a lot of libertarians, both ‘L’ and ‘l’, getting worked up about the ‘crisis’ in Iran and saying we need to support the Iranians and even a few have gone so far as to say our government needs to get involved.
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