American Cops Have Achieved This Dubious Honor In Less Than 4 Years

9/11. Oklahoma City. Pulse Nightclub. San Bernadino. Fort Hood. DC Snipers. Charleston. Original World Trade Center bombing. Chattanooga. Virginia Tech. Sandy Hook. Columbine. University of Texas. Washington Navy Yard.

Many Americans know what these events have in common – they are a listing of some of the most infamous terrorist and mass shooting attacks in the history of the United States of America. All told, these events and many other far less well known events combine to form the 50 deadliest such attacks in US history, killing a grand total of 3944 people.

3944. Let that number sink in. 3944 dead in the top 50 deadliest terrorist or mass shooting attacks in US history, over a span of 130 years.

Now let me list another series of numbers:

776^. 1111. 1208. 1152. 7*. Add them up.

I’ll save you the math, though feel free to verify it. The total is 4254, and it is from less than 4 years.

What is this 4254 number? It is the number of people killed by US police in less than 4 years, from May 1 2013 until the moment I write this on Jan 4 2017.

That’s right – in less than 4 years, US cops have killed more people than the 50 worst terrorist attacks and mass shootings in the US over the last 130 years. Put another way, US cops have killed 7.9% more people in just 3.1% of the time frame of all the 50 worst US terrorist and mass shooting attacks.

I’ll spare my normal talking points. The numbers here speak for themselves.

For those curious, 20,789 cops have died “in the line of duty” in the 225 years since 1791+.

^: 776 only accounts for the period between May 1, 2013 and Dec 31, 2013, not the entire year.
*: 7 is for the known deaths between Jan 1, 2017 and press time of 430 EST Jan 4, 2017.
+: This metric includes heart attacks, illnesses, accidents, and other non-attack-related deaths.

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