The Fate of

Yesterday, during the 3rd Annual Crossover Day Live Blog, I made an announcement that shocked some who were with us: is dead. has been a grand experiment for me, a life changing one. I took a concept from my mind and made it one of the most well known political blogs in the State of Georgia, and in the process I assisted in both helping to further political causes I supported and helping to defeat political causes I opposed. I gained many great friends, and created some epic battles with new foes. One of the best of friends was my partner here, Tom Knighton.

But the experiment is over, and effectively has been for several months now.

This was a decision many months in the making, one that honestly should have been made several months ago. Indeed, I was tempted to write this post on the night of the 2010 Primary Elections, as that was the last time I was able to devote the time to this site that it needed to be what I really desired of it. But there was a need for it through the 2010 General Election, and so we continued. However, it finally got to the point where we had posted a single post in a month – and it had been more than a month since Tom or I had written an original post here. That, to me, is a sign of a dead blog, and this post is only making that official.

Tom has been active in building, and is a regular contributor to He also has a new site going online next month, Laws-n-Sausages, which will be a more balanced blog with himself, 2 liberals, and 2 conservatives talking about the issues of the day.

As many of you know, I am the Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party of Georgia, and I also am the Executive Editor at I maintain, and will begin writing a bit more there on basically anything I feel like writing about, which right now is mostly my job search. The primary reason I haven’t been able to be as active here is that my career is finally picking up, and I leave to concentrate more on it while continuing to fulfill my role in advising the LP-Ga on legislative matters.

We shut down this site not looking back, but forward. There is a great future in the liberty movement, one that both Tom and I will continue to work towards. I hope you will join us in the fight and on our new projects.

To all of the friends and allies we’ve made over the last two years, thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.