I Am The Only Person That Gets To See My Wife Nude

I don’t write about National issues that often, for a variety of reasons. Recently, however, one has come up that I decided I wanted to be very frank about.

That issue, if you couldn’t guess from the title, is the Transportation “Security” Administration’s recent decision to begin use of backscatter X-ray machines and enhanced pat down techniques. The first is basically government-sanctioned porn that allows a “security” agent to view beneath clothing to the skin of the person in the machine – and store the images. The second allows a “security” agent to rub a person’s genitals, rather than “lightly” touch them as under older regulations.

Since I first met my wife nearly four years ago, I’ve been trying to get her to fly. There are some places we’d like to go that quite frankly, a flight would be much simpler than driving. I will no longer persue this, and I ask every other man in America to join me with one simple premise:

I am the only person that gets to see my wife nude.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply for doctors or other emergency personnel with a valid reason, or any persons we may choose to allow into our bedroom. (Up front here, that second one isn’t going to happen with us, but I mention it to allow for other couples who may feel differently there.)

I consider it my number one duty as a husband to ensure my wife’s physical safety. Everything else pales in comparison to that one duty. I will NOT allow some stranger who happens to have the sanction of the government I live under to molest her for ANY reason – and I will oppose them using any force necessary. I am not a violent man, and I prefer the path of peace when it is an option. But if violence is necessary to protect my wife, I will be the coldest, most ruthless son of a bitch you have ever seen, if that is what it takes.

It is not the government’s job to ensure my wife’s safety – it is mine. It is the government’s job to prosecute criminals after the crime has been committed – including the crime of sexual assault (and, in the case of minors, child pornography/child molestation/sexual exploitation of a child) that the TSA now allows.

I encourage those who fly to file improper arrest charges, as well as those above, on any TSA agent who uses these techniques and any of their superiors who allow them to. After all, proper law enforcement officers – from your local PD all the way to the Federal Bureau of Investigation – have to have a proper warrant showing probable cause that a crime has been committed signed by a sitting judge in order to do similar invasive searches.

As it currently stands, I can protect my wife from these government-sanctioned molesters and perverts by simply refusing to fly – and so I shall.