GREAT Author

There are a few authors who I read virtually everything they write. Early on, they included Tom Clancy and Stephen Coonts, and as I matured I moved on to guys like Dale Brown, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, and Lee Child.

A couple of years ago, when I was still active on MySpace, a new, self-published (at the time) author friended me, and I bought a couple of his early books.

I’ve been hooked ever since.

The author in question is one you’ve probably never heard of, but need to if you like solid action-adventure books. You know, the kind that you just do NOT want to put down, where the action is almost non-stop, balls-to-the-wall, what’s-gonna-happen-next kinda stuff.

His name is Jeremy Robinson. He claimed that in writing his latest Kindle-only book, THE LAST HUNTER, that it was his best yet, so I wanted to attempt to rank each of his books thus far on my own scale.

First, a brief synopsis:

ANTARKTOS RISING was the first I read from him. This is a disaster story unlike any you’ve ever seen. It starts out looking like Day After Tomorrow, winds up looking like 2012 – and that is just the beginning. After the crustal displacement (ala 2012), Antarctica is now situated along the equator, and the ice melts off. The earth’s remaining population, eager for new land now that much of the former Northern Hemisphere is frozen solid, sees this new land as the perfect place to relocate, and a contest is divised between several nations, with a single goal: whoever gets to the center of the island first gets the prize. What they don’t know is that the island isn’t as devoid of life as they think – ancient life of Biblical proportions…

THE DIDYMUS CONTINGENCY is a time travel tale of a man and his colleague who invent a time travel device. The man, deeply scarred by the loss of his wife years earlier, uses the machine to travel back to the time of Christ in an effort to discredit Christ. Without giving too much away, suffice it to say that the book offers a new and fairly unique look at the life of Christ, and the overall story is filled with so many twists and turns, some of which are Bill Myers-level mindblowing.

KRONOS takes the Jonah legend and basically says “what if the fish were still alive?”.

PULSE is the first adventure of Robinson’s Chess Team – Bishop, Rook, Knight, Queen, and their leader, King. These are a super-super secret group of Delta Force veterans that not even Delta is allowed to know about. In this one, a modern day genetics company is involved in trying to find a way to enable human regeneration – of any body part, including the head. Along the way, they discover the ancient epitome of regeneration – the Hydra. There’s a problem though: all of the company’s test subjects turn into zombie-like killing machines that are nearly impossible to kill thanks to their regenerative powers. The Chess Team must find a way to stop these monsters – and more – while fighting a desperate battle to stay alive.

INSTINCT is the second Chess Team book, and whereas Pulse was a globetrotter, this one is largely set in one location – a remote area of virgin forest along the Cambodia/Laos/Vietnam border. A virus has been unleashed that can and will kill every male on the planet if a cure is not found – and it is only discovered after it does, in fact, kill the President of the United States of America. The Chess Team is sent to the forest along with Pawn, a CDC scientist, to track down the cure and bring it back. Can they do it in time?

BEYOND is a pure science fiction tale of the discovery of life on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. After a meteorite strikes in the Arctic and shows signs of life, a team is sent to Europa to find out what else is there. Just remember: in space, no one can hear you scream. 😉

THE LAST HUNTER is a tale based in the ANTARKTOS RISING world, predating Rising by a few decades. In it, a 13 year old boy goes back to Antarctica, the land of his birth, with his family. While there, he is abducted and broken, forced to learn an entirely knew way of life. In time, he is shown what his captors expect from him – but what they don’t know is that he is far more powerful than they’ve ever dreamed. This book is part one of what Robinson says will be a 6 part series: 3 leading up to Rising, one paralleling Rising, and 2 concluding the Rising story.

Now, ranking these, I think I’ll go with this:

1) Didymus Contingency. It is quite simply the most mind-blowing of the books, yet with a similar pace from the other books. While all can enjoy this one, a person fairly familiar with the Gospels will be in for quite a few treats and surprises. One thing to remember though: While Robinson uses many scenes from the Gospels, he does NOT attempt to portray them exactly as the Bible does, instead using them as backdrops for the story HE is telling.

2) Pulse. The introduction to the Chess Team and the overall story here – amazing.

3) Antarktos Rising. The cataclysm was very well played, and the end game on this one is stunning, to say the least.

4) Kronos. One of the most original tales I’ve ever seen, though as noted above, the basic idea is rooted in the story of Jonah.

5) Instinct. The Chess Team held up well here, but I simply think they are even better in a more globe trotting, expansive story. The reveal of their leader’s identity at the end, as well as the final scene with King, more than made up for the minute deficiencies in the overall story here.

6) The Last Hunter. Don’t get me wrong, this was a GREAT story. The reason it gets knocked so far down is a) the competition here is truly that good and b) you can tell in the back of your mind the entire time that this is a MUCH larger story than one book, and to me that was a SLIGHT detriment.

7) Beneath. On the originality scale, this one makes Kronos look like apple pie. I’ve NEVER seen a story quite like it, but again, it gets this ranking based more on its competition than any other factor.

What Do Men Want?

One of my political activist FB friends, Allison Zayne, has had an interesting year, to say the least. I’m not going to blog about her private life, even though what little I know about it is from her FB page.

But it has brought her to the point where today, she asked a simple yet profound question, the title of this post. Since I have at least one other friend from a slightly different area of my life who is much more local that may also be interested in knowing, here is my answer:

In general, I *HIGHLY* recommend Shaunti Feldhahn’s “For Women Only”. Ms. Feldhahn did quite a bit of research on the topic, and many of my male friends who have read the book agree that it is almost 100% spot on for each of us. It is relatively short at 150 or so pages, and can make an easy – though mind blowing – weekend read. Ms. Feldhahn is a Christian and doesn’t hide that, but she intentionally wrote the book to help ALL women and typically gives a brief warning before she goes into Christian-specific stuff.

More specifically, I can’t answer for all men, but for me personally my most important thing is that my home be my place of absolute security and serenity. I’m very active politically, and office politics aren’t always easy either, and I need a place where I can simply be me, with absolutely no fear. I need a place where I can relax and recharge on a daily basis, knowing that when I venture out from there I will be driving into the heart of any number of battles and potential calamities.

I also need to feel needed – but know that if necessary, my lady can handle herself without me. Yes, this is a complicated one, one that even I don’t fully understand, but it is there. Because of the battles I face daily, as well as the random emergencies of life that happen, such as severe weather, I need to know that in an emergency, my lady can handle herself at least enough to keep herself safe if I cannot be there. As I’ve said elsewhere, her safety is my ABSOLUTE number one priority. As long as she is safe, everything else can be handled. But at the same time, I need to know that she DOES need me – and I don’t just mean for a roll in the hay or because I’m tall enough to reach the top shelf in the cabinet.

In all honesty, I need her to need me just as much as I need her.

I searched high and low for my lady for damn near a decade, and there was quite a bit of heartache along the way. I still remember that, as now we face a similar trial together. Eventually, I gave up looking for her – and that was when I found her (after a couple more years).

I’m not the perfect husband – there’s quite a few days where I’m not even a very good one, at ALL. But I will be forever thankful that I finally found the love of my life, who gives me what I need.

For Allison and my other friends asking the question of what do guys want, hopefully this has shed at least SOME light for you.

For my beautiful bride, thank you for giving me everything I’ve ever dreamed of and then some.

I Am The Only Person That Gets To See My Wife Nude

I don’t write about National issues that often, for a variety of reasons. Recently, however, one has come up that I decided I wanted to be very frank about.

That issue, if you couldn’t guess from the title, is the Transportation “Security” Administration’s recent decision to begin use of backscatter X-ray machines and enhanced pat down techniques. The first is basically government-sanctioned porn that allows a “security” agent to view beneath clothing to the skin of the person in the machine – and store the images. The second allows a “security” agent to rub a person’s genitals, rather than “lightly” touch them as under older regulations.

Since I first met my wife nearly four years ago, I’ve been trying to get her to fly. There are some places we’d like to go that quite frankly, a flight would be much simpler than driving. I will no longer persue this, and I ask every other man in America to join me with one simple premise:

I am the only person that gets to see my wife nude.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply for doctors or other emergency personnel with a valid reason, or any persons we may choose to allow into our bedroom. (Up front here, that second one isn’t going to happen with us, but I mention it to allow for other couples who may feel differently there.)

I consider it my number one duty as a husband to ensure my wife’s physical safety. Everything else pales in comparison to that one duty. I will NOT allow some stranger who happens to have the sanction of the government I live under to molest her for ANY reason – and I will oppose them using any force necessary. I am not a violent man, and I prefer the path of peace when it is an option. But if violence is necessary to protect my wife, I will be the coldest, most ruthless son of a bitch you have ever seen, if that is what it takes.

It is not the government’s job to ensure my wife’s safety – it is mine. It is the government’s job to prosecute criminals after the crime has been committed – including the crime of sexual assault (and, in the case of minors, child pornography/child molestation/sexual exploitation of a child) that the TSA now allows.

I encourage those who fly to file improper arrest charges, as well as those above, on any TSA agent who uses these techniques and any of their superiors who allow them to. After all, proper law enforcement officers – from your local PD all the way to the Federal Bureau of Investigation – have to have a proper warrant showing probable cause that a crime has been committed signed by a sitting judge in order to do similar invasive searches.

As it currently stands, I can protect my wife from these government-sanctioned molesters and perverts by simply refusing to fly – and so I shall.