Ever Notice?

Have you ever noticed how dark the night sky is on a new moon?

Have you ever noticed how bright the night sky is on a full moon?

All the moon does is reflect the light of the Sun.

Kinda makes you wonder about what happens when Christians, who are supposed to reflect the light of the Son, withdraw into their own world…

Powerful Stuff Indeed

My friend Doug Rea has an excellent post up on his site called ‘Stop the Building‘. It explains some key foundations as to what he feels is wrong with the Modern Church, and I completely concur. Below is an excerpt, but I HIGHLY encourage you to go read the full thing!

For centuries, ministry was about the building; The “House of God,” and dare we defile it. The church building was the holy sanctuary of the Christian faith. There we could once again have our sins resolved, our offering taken, our songs sung, and our service to God performed. (Sound familiar?)

Even as late as the 20th century, ministry successs was defined by the facility. How many it could hold, family life centers, and coffee shops redefined what the church has become. Now we had praise teams, choruses and projected our words using the overhead. Finally we come to today. How silly to wear a 3 piece suite like the 80’s and to use hymnals. Now we can now relate the message to people in a manner that is relevant thanks to video, iPhones, Facebook, Twitter, podcasts, blogs, and other means of modern communication. I am pro-use of all these things.

But I have to ask, “Has anything really changed since the Gothic days of cathedrals?”
I am speaking of those days where a certain pattern of behavior known as worship was performed each and every Sunday, by a few trained professionals, to an audience who was basically spectators.

I submit little has changed.

Just as in the days of old, the pinnacle of ministry is about a facility and not a people. The defining moment in the life of a church is more often the first service in the new building than it is how the people meeting the needs of one another.

Fallout: New Vegas

Bought it on my lunch break today, seems to be cool so far. Similar enough to Fallout 3 that you’ll know what you’re doing, but there are quite a few new twists in there that are already apparent. Things like cooking, creating your own ammo, you don’t start out in a vault, etc. SPECIAL/Perks are still there, controls are the same so far, but even then, there are distinct but minute differences that should hopefully make the game that much more fun to play over and over.

So that’s my initial impressions after having just finished the first quest where you battle a gang. Anyone else played yet?