Liberty Locally: Playgrounds

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Nearly all of us played on various playgrounds as kids. Whether it be swinging, sliding, climbing monkey bars, or simply playing tag on an open field, play is an important part of childhood and one many of us look back on fondly.

The problem for local governments is that these days, playgrounds can be expensive. Depending on exactly what you want, they can easily cost upwards of $20K for a small one, and in the six figures for larger ones. Even for larger towns, this is a lot of money – and my town only has a population of around 3,000 people!

So how do we as a community promote small government while also providing ample play space for our community’s children?
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A War That Forged a Nation

July 4. A day filled with picnics, fireworks, and politics. Many of you will spend some time enjoying the outdoors this weekend, and some of you will probably go to some kind of parade in your town, where you will see a large number of candidates riding through the streets along with people in 1700s attire of various forms, and probably quite a few military uniforms.

It truly is a great day to celebrate America in all of her greatness.

You’ll probably hear Stars and Stripes Forever and Star Spangled Banner played quite frequently. Both are truly great songs. In all honesty, Stars and Stripes Forever is my favorite “classical” song of all time.

But Stars Spangled Banner has a history behind it, which you may or may not know and may or may not hear about, so I wanted to take you back to when it was written.

The year is 1812. The United States of America are involved in a brutal war against the British on three different fronts on their own soil – again, barely 30 years after the last war. The Americans have been defeated in battle after battle after battle on their own soil. Their new capital, with its Presidential Palace, has been burned to the ground and their President has been forced to flee the city.

The Americans are crushed. Britannia is poised to once again rule the American continent.

All the British have to do is capture Baltimore, on the shores of Chesapeake Bay, and their victory is all but assured. Their Navy – by FAR the best in the world, whose dominance is little challenged in this hemisphere – is blockading the bay into Baltimore. Meanwhile, the British Army is advancing to Baltimore on foot.

There is little hope left.
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