More Like A Driving Force

First, I gotta say thanks to Carlton Fletcher of the Herald. He gave the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia quite a bit of great press this morning, and me in particular.

At issue in this report was the Lee County Sign Ordinance. Apparently, barely a week after both Tim Nelson and I (the current Vice Chair and the Founding Chair of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia, respectively) officially requested at the last meeting of the Lee County Board of Commissioners that Lee County amend its Sign Ordinance, Lee County is working to do just that.

However, while that was the first time Tim and I have stood before the Commissioners at a meeting, it was not the first time I had discussed it on this very site. You see, I began writing about the Leesburg Sign Ordinance on November 5, and specifically about the Lee County Sign Ordinance as it relates to political signs on April 2, with the “Two Governor Candidates (and a Governor) Snagged” piece. On April 5, I wrote that the “Lee County Sign Ordinance Violates State Law“. I wrote another version of that post that appeared on the front page (above the fold) of the Lee County Ledger’s April 7 edition titled “Political Signs Violate City/County Ordinance”, and Kevin Hogencamp of the Albany Journal discussed my work on this issue with the article “Here’s Your Sign” that appeared above the Journal’s banner on the April 7 edition – along with pictures I had taken of Ray McBerry, Sonny Perdue, and John Oxendine’s signs as seen in various locations in Lee County.

Included in the April 5 post was an email I had sent to Lee County Administrator Alan Ours, Lee County Clerk Christi Dockery, and each member of the Lee County Board of Commissioners where I stated “If you will place this on the Agenda for next week’s meeting, I would like to address the Commissioners on this matter, where I will present my proposal for said revisions.” On April 13, the day of the next Commission meeting, I wrote a post titled “Lee County Sign Ordinance: Moratorium” where I discussed the “moratorium” the Commissioners had claimed they had passed, as well as noting that I was NOT on the Agenda for that night as I had requested, and would therefore be speaking in the public forum at the end of the meeting.

I said all that to say this:

Carlton put in his article that Tim and I “were just a bit ahead of the curve”.

More like we were a driving force – and THE public one – on this issue.