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First, I gotta say thanks to Carlton Fletcher of the Herald. He gave the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia quite a bit of great press this morning, and me in particular.

At issue in this report was the Lee County Sign Ordinance. Apparently, barely a week after both Tim Nelson and I (the current Vice Chair and the Founding Chair of the Libertarian Party of Southwest Georgia, respectively) officially requested at the last meeting of the Lee County Board of Commissioners that Lee County amend its Sign Ordinance, Lee County is working to do just that.

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The Cult of Christianity

Christianity was founded roughly 2,000 years ago on the shores of a big lake in the Near East that still exists today – the Sea of Galilee. It has its roots in a small town that still exists today in present-day Israel – Bethlehem. Its foundation was made permanent a city of much strife for thousands of years both before and after – Jerusalem.

It started out as a small sect of Judaism that most in its day found humorous at best, blasphemous at worst. A small group of fishermen, tax collectors, whores, and other assorted scum of the earth claimed to have met the Messiah, and that he taught that to live, you must die. He claimed he was God, a claim that makes him (paraphrasing CS Lewis here) either a liar, a lunatic, or LORD.

The Messiah had already drawn large crowds during during his life, but that was nothing new for the era. “Messiah”s of various forms had been rising up for hundreds of years before this one, gaining large crowds during their lives, only to die (usually by execution) and have their names be forgotten in the annals of history.

No, two things made this Messiah different: 1) After his extremely brutal -so brutal that he was no longer recognizable as human- and extremely public -so public that people from thousands of miles away saw it first hand- execution, he was seen by thousands living and breathing, with barely a scar on his body. 2) Because of this resurrection, this Messiah continued to draw large crowds after his death.

But 2,000 years later, his followers have devolved to where many of them – perhaps even most of them – have lost sight of the true Jesus Christ of Nazareth and what he did.

Christianity has become a cult.
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Why Should Public Information Be Online?

In light of “Blogger Day At The Capitol” today, I wanted to discuss my thoughts related to Sunlight Foundation‘s latest campaign, Public = Online: Government In Real Time.

First, what I call the “Blogger Pledge”, which I have already signed:

Government transparency is critical to creating a better democracy, and of highest importance in how I cast my vote. I pledge, through my sustained engagement, to hold public officials accountable for being open and transparent.

Also, here’s a short (roughly 2 min) video from Sunlight on “Why Should Public Information Be Online?”:

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[UPDATED] Recognized by Ga House of Representatives, along with Peach Pundit,, Georgia Politics Unfiltered, GriftDrift, and GaLiberal, has been commended is expected to be commended today by the Georgia House of Representatives for our “unique role in promoting openness and transparency in state government”!

I’ll put the full text of the Resolution after the jump, but this came out of the craziness that is Crossover Day. On the Live Blog co-hosted by all of those named above except GriftDrift we had several State Representatives join us, including Steve Davis (the sponsor of this resolution), Ralph Long (a cosponsor), Stephen Allison, and Mark Hatfield. We also had Democratic statewide candidates Carol Porter (Lt Gov) and RJ Hadley (US Senate) join us. This was the second time we had done this – last year Jason and I started it, and we hope it continues to grow – and we had 799 viewers on the day.

It was a great time, and just one example of the hard work we political bloggers do. Thanks to Reps Davis, Long, Jerguson, Everson, Glanton, “and others” for recognizing it! 😀

Here’s the text:
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