Until I Find Someone Better

Never did I think that I would find myself quoting Starship Troopers on this site, because it is a very totalitarian movie with few things I agree with politically (though I do like its “service guarantees citizenship” mantra). That said, the movie had a GREAT repeated line that I’ve long applied to politics:

You’re it, until I find someone better.

Some individuals, groups, and blogs will tie themselves directly to a particular candidate in a sycophantic, almost symbiotic, relationship. They adore their candidates to a near religious level while decrying those that do the same thing with candidates they disagree with, particularly when those candidates are from the other side of the aisle.

That isn’t me, and I hope to God it never is – not even with John Monds, who is the single candidate I’m pushing for the hardest.

Even though I openly acknowledge I support certain candidates, my attitude is always one of looking for someone better. If you support someone in a race where I already support another candidate, build me your case of why your candidate is better (or even why my candidate isn’t as good as I think he or she is). I’m going to look into it, you have my word on that. I may not change my mind, but my mind is always open to new facts, and those facts are what my mind is based on – not some play to bigotry or emotions.

July 20, 2010 is 189 days away – basically a school year, for teachers anyway. As with a school year, a LOT can happen in that time, and usually does. You know when I will truly know who I am voting for? The moment I select their name on the ballot on July 20.

Until then, my attitude with candidates I support remains: You’re it, until I find someone better.

If you only want “positive” coverage of your Chosen One, feel free to go to one of those other sites that may as well change their name to reflect the candidate they have chosen.

If you’re interested in open dialogue on any political topic or candidate – both positive and negative, I encourage you to come to this site and encourage everyone you know to do the same. Even if you’re one of the worshippers of a particular candidate, I welcome your input here.

After all, open dialogue means EVERYONE is accepted.

6 Replies to “Until I Find Someone Better”

  1. Jeff,

    A few days ago I wrote the following:
    “I’ve met Monds and read a little about him and have never found or heard any reference to his employment history. What is his occupational experience?”

    Today you again voice your support of Mr. Monds so again I ask; what is his occupational experience?

    1. Wilson,

      His background is in business and finance – he graduated with a Finance degree from Morehouse in the 80s. For the past dozen years or so, he has been a teacher.

      He has also served on his local Planning Board for about several years as well as his local Habitat for Humanity board – meaning that he has more direct experience in planning and poverty issues than any Governor we’ve had in my lifetime, to my knowledge. (And that includes my hometown boy Joe Frank Harris.)

  2. Jeff,

    Still no information on his occupational experience. I’m hearing he is and always has been a stay at home dad and never had a real job or made payroll. I’m not saying he couldn’t be a good governor because I don’t know what a governor’s resume should include but the planning board and Habitat for Humanity board aren’t very high on my list of things to look for in a candidate. In the interest of full disclosure; has the guy ever had a job?

  3. Jeff, I am making slow inroads with the Republicans in the Donalsonville Tea Party. Some of them are coming around to the idea of freedom.
    I have thought of asking Monds to speak at one of our events. But, I too noticed that on his website, the work history was pretty scarce looking. Maybe he just didn’t think he needed to spend more time on it.
    If you happen to speak with him, it would be good advice for him to flesh it out. It is hard enough to get these Republicans to accept the Libertarian point of view. I can see this becoming a distraction for him. Thanks

  4. I have to also question Johns qualifications to serve as Governor of our great state. His work record shows no signs of a governor in the making. It’s my understanding he’s mostly been involved in the operations of running Fraternities in Black colleges. And please,correct me if im wrong, but doesn’t he still serve as director of his local NAACP chapter? While these are honorable jobs and probably won him a lot of respect in the African-American community, I doubt it will win him many votes outside that community. His handlers must agree or they would not choose to leave these details out when being questioned about his employment history. I also find it hard to believe John would be qualified to oversee one of the largest school systems in the country when he doesnt even send his own children to school and home schools them instead. As a Libertarian I try to support the candidate I feel is best for the job. That doesnt always mean that vote goes to a Libertarian. I’ve met John on several occasions and found him to be a delightful person and I was happy to vote for him when he ran for PSC. But these are difficult times we live in and we need a Governor who has the experience and respect or Georgias citizens to lead us through these tough times.I do respect John for having the belief in himself and his party to step forward and put his money where his mouth is to run for an office NOONE gives him a chance of winning. I was converted to Libertarianism over 20 years ago by Ron Crickenburger, one of Americas greatest Libertarians. He taugt me to vote for the candidate who I felt would best serve and protect myself and my family without taxing me to death. Therefore I will feel proud to vote for the candidate I feel best meets those qualifications.I will be voting for Austin Scott, a Republican state represenative from Tifton. Austin has the experience to lead our state and is the closest thing we will have to a Libertarian to help send to the Governors office. His platform calls for less government,fewer taxes , safer streets and a better education system. He has numerous Libertarians working on his campaign through “Libertarians for Austin Scott For Governor”. He would appreciate your vote in the Republican primary in June.

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