Free Speech, the Super Bowl, and Abortion

By now, we’ve all heard about the upcoming Focus on the Family anti-abortion ad that is to be played during the Super Bowl featuring Tim Tebow. Apparently, some “pro-choice” groups are mad about it.

As both Tom and I have said on this site many times, an assault on one freedom is an assault on them all. You cannot respect the right to privacy without also respecting the right to free speech – and, let’s be honest here, freedom of religion as well.
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Non-Interventionism, The Sexton Doctrine, and GI Joe

Last night I got into a discussion with a conservative who is clearly a big proponent of interventionism. This person thinks that the only way to protect America is to fight them over there before they can come over here. This person said that the libertarian philosophy of non-interventionism doesn’t work because it allows attacks to happen here.

This person clearly doesn’t understand the philosophy of non-interventionism, at least as I see it.

Non-interventionism seeks peaceful relationships with all. It works to avoid or reduce any attacks from any side, while allowing all sides to maintain a position of strength in their own affairs. Similarly, the Sexton Doctrine’s “Absorb the first blow” seeks to avoid or minimize any attack.

Instead of a massive offensive military designed to fight vast wars over a period of decades, non-interventionism and the Sexton Doctrine use a military that is more focused on intelligence, rapid surgical strikes, and superior defense.
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I Still Have a Dream

As a white kid growing up in Georgia in the 80s, I largely saw racism as dead. My elementary school principal was a black man who had been one of my dad’s HS teachers, and my dad had told me the day I started school that I was to respect and obey him just like I did my dad. That was the caliber of my own father.

To this day, I hate seeing confederate flags flying because by and large, valid or not, they are seen as a symbol of hate, and many of the people flying them do still hold hatred in their hearts against people they’ve never met and who have never done anything to them, simply because of the color of those people’s skins.

So today, I still have a dream, the one that MLK spoke about all those years ago. We’ve made great strides towards achieving it, but we still are not there. In honor of the celebration of MLK’s life, I leave you with the text of his most famous speech, I Have a Dream.
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Until I Find Someone Better

Never did I think that I would find myself quoting Starship Troopers on this site, because it is a very totalitarian movie with few things I agree with politically (though I do like its “service guarantees citizenship” mantra). That said, the movie had a GREAT repeated line that I’ve long applied to politics:

You’re it, until I find someone better.

Some individuals, groups, and blogs will tie themselves directly to a particular candidate in a sycophantic, almost symbiotic, relationship. They adore their candidates to a near religious level while decrying those that do the same thing with candidates they disagree with, particularly when those candidates are from the other side of the aisle.

That isn’t me, and I hope to God it never is – not even with John Monds, who is the single candidate I’m pushing for the hardest.
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“Meaningful” Ethics Reform

At the very front of what I’m about to say, let me note that this is just an idea I’ve been thinking about that may or may not work. Based on my own thinking right now, I think it might, and it is certainly a different approach than what we’ve got right now, which is largely a paper tiger. Obviously, the point in writing this at all is that I would like public discussion on it, so feel free to have at it!

Sam Olens told me a couple of weeks ago that if the Cobb County Commission violates the State’s transparency laws, they can be fined a whopping $100 per occurrence, and suggested that for the laws to have any real teeth, there needed to be an extra zero on that number.

That was the quote in particular that has stuck with me since that interview, floating in the back of my mind. As with many of my solutions, after percolating back there for a while, it finally comes to me, as this one has:
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