Should Churches Pay Taxes?

Doug Rea, the pastor at Connections Albany, is one of the most genuine men I’ve ever met, in any walk of life – much less as a Christian and pastor. Considering the company I’ve kept over the years, that is truly one of the highest compliments I can give a person, and I mean every word of it.

Much like other pastors I’ve looked up to – such as Jeff Hill at Calvary Baptist in Ball Ground, Chris Altman and John Sullivan somewhere in northwest Georgia, and even Albany’s Tony Haefs of Gillionville Baptist – Doug has made me think about things in a way I really never had before, and I will be forever grateful for that.
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2 Schools, 2 Situations, 1 Violation

This week, news has come out of two different schools in two widely separated areas of the State that have both had instances of religion in the schools. Both were protested, and while there was only one violation, both schools ultimately made the right decision.

The first incident is the now-infamous case of the Lakeview-Fort Ogelthorpe Cheerleaders. In the latest news on that front, the Catoosa County School Board made exactly the correct Constitutional call and upheld banning the banners from the football field. Note that never once were the banners fully banned – they were simply told they could display them in an area anyone else could display any banner they had made, but that they could not display the banners in an area where no one else could. Note that the issue of being in a uniform bearing the school’s name and logo was not even in question in the current situation, meaning that so far as I am aware, the cheerleaders would still be allowed to be in uniform holding their banner in the new location. In other words, the ONLY issue addressed so far is that of a true “public forum” vs an area where by its very nature, only school sponsored personnel and materials are allowed to be present.
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