Lighthouses On a Stormy Sea

Governor Perdue said Tuesday that “The best of people comes out in times like this.”, and some stories are already coming out of people helping themselves and their neighbors deal with the Atlanta floods.

Take, for example, the story in one AJC picture of two men clearing out a house in the middle of the flood. Neither had met before that moment, but one man owned the house and the other had once considered buying it. In another picture, you see a kid chipping golf balls into the water, making the best of a bad situation. In another, you have two brothers on top of a mobile home trying to get in and salvage what they can – in the middle of flood waters that appear to be at least 3 feet deep. (These stories and their pics can be found here, and many more pics of the floods from the AJC can be found here.)

Also coming out are actual news accounts of neighbors helping neighbors. The most prominent I’ve seen so far is the story of Mercedes Bell, who by Weds had already stripped out most of her carpet and drywall with the help of a neighbor and her friends.

Individuals helping individuals. Families helping families. Friends helping friends. Neighbors helping neighbors.

THAT is the American Way. THAT is what makes this nation the best nation on earth.

The strength of this nation is NOT our government, but our people, and in times of catastrophe, that strength shines like a lighthouse on a stormy sea.

[UPDATED] Hard to Believe (The 9/11 post)

it was 8 years ago today (2nd Tues in Sept, 2001) that our world truly changed forever.

Pretty much anyone over probably 6-8 yrs old can tell you exactly what they were doing that day, and honestly on this 8th anniversary, I’m interested in hearing your stories.

Heck, I can even remember the first time I saw this song. I was actually watching the award ceremony live, and Alan Jackson was evidently supposed to play some other song that was popular at the time, but he had written this song the week before and wanted to debut it on live TV.

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The Race Is On

You really gotta like Carlton Fletcher as a news source. He can provide you with things that you didn’t know about, even if you have an actual interest in the news item in question. For example, even though I qualified to run for the Leesburg City Council Post 3 seat yesterday, I didn’t know that Richard Bush (the current councilman) had also qualified – but Carlton did.

Vincent Cutts also qualified yesterday, meaning that the citizens of Leesburg and Smithville will have a chance to voice their opinions at the ballot box this year.

I’m not going to cover my race on this site beyond this initial post. Instead, I am re-tooling my personal site,, to become my campaign site, and I’ll be writing about things there as they come up.
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