The War on Terror

Again, starting with the ‘official position’ of LP-Ga from their site, followed by my own thoughts:

While all Americans have a legitimate concern about terrorism, we believe that the new “War on Terrorism” is being used by politicians and demagogues to promote extraordinary and unnecessary increases in government power. Most of these powers had been previously proposed and rejected as part of other government efforts such as the so-called “War on Drugs”. It continues the false rationale by which the state seeks to restrict our 4th Amendment right to privacy, without securing our lives or property in any meaningful way. Therefore, we call for the repeal of the misnamed USA Patriot Act and its successor legislation.

In addition to that LP-Ga position, here is the LP-National position on National Defense from their website:

We support the maintenance of a sufficient military to defend the United States against aggression. The United States should both abandon its attempts to act as policeman for the world and avoid entangling alliances. We oppose any form of compulsory national service.

My thoughts:

From the LP-Ga position, we see that their main concern isn’t so much the international aspects of the War on Terror as the domestic aspects, particularly the domestic spying that the Bush Administration began via PATRIOT (and later expanded through a variety of laws), and had even been occurring to a lesser extent long before then. And I completely concur. The National government used an emergency to grab unprecedented powers that it otherwise would not have been granted. And I would argue that had LP-National’s position on Defense been adopted prior to September 2001, there may not be a gaping hole in the ground in NYC right now.

Going back to the domestic spying, there is no reason for the government to have the ability to spy on a ‘suspected’ criminal without a warrant and due process. If the government thinks that a person is involved in criminal activity, they already have a procedure for being allowed to spy on that person, and it involves going to a judge and getting a warrant. This is the Constitutional method, and it should not be changed.

And back to the defense issue: I personally believe that we should pull every single troop from every single overseas station and place them within 100 miles of the borders, pointing out. Have the Navy establish patrols from the Aluetians to Hawaii to San Diego, from Maine to Miami, and base an entire fleet in the Carribbean as well. Let the Army and Air Force take the Canadian border, with combined Army/Air Force/Marine bases spread throughout the 100 mile border zone.

As it exists right now, our military is spread too thin in too many places, and has necessitated such illegal moves as Stop Loss. It also leaves our nation genuinely at risk, and indeed a West Coast invasion could get to the Mississippi River before it could be effectively stopped, if then. I’ve heard people say ‘but our citizens would resist’. With what? The average American citizen doesn’t own a gun, and most could barely distinguish between an M16 and an AK47, much less the various types of tanks, planes, troop carriers, and other assorted weapons platforms. We don’t have artillery shells lieing around to make IEDs out of, and the military bases that would have the hardware needed to steal and provide a somewhat effective resistance would be the first ones targeted.

Indeed, I don’t know if any of you have read the works of Dale Brown, but he actually puts forth what I believe to be a reasonable theory for how a nuclear attack on the US could be achieved in his ‘Plan of Attack’, he put forth some reasonable theories on drug wars in both ‘Hammerheads’ and ‘Tin Man’, and he actually put forth an idea for a September 11-style attack in his ‘Storming Heaven’- published in 1994, even earlier than Clancy’s ‘Debt of Honor’ which is widely credited with the idea due to its concluding scenes.

Again, I tend to fully concur with both the LP-Ga and LP-National beliefs in these areas.